weddingringsWe, the professionals at Play it Again DJs are here to make this process an easier one.  When you hire us, you don’t just get a guy with some music.  You get an entire production company on your side!

What does that mean? (Well I’m glad you asked)

Your wedding package includes:

Two DJs

One to spin the music, watch the dance floor and make sure the atmosphere created by the music is what you want for your party.

The other is your M.C. for the event.  You have a professional host to make sure your guests are entertained, the timeline for your event is flowing, and that the venue staff is included and informed.

Complimentary Planning Sessions

We sit down with you about a month from your event, and talk with you about what kind of a reception you want for you and your guests.  Through planning musical choices, reception timeline, and detailing your party, we transform it from a cookie-cutter wedding to the event of your dreams!  (We want the last thing for the Bride & Groom to worry about is, “I do!”)

Music Selection

Our music is fully digital (No skipping or hunting for CDs), professionally licensed (not illegally downloaded) and we have every “Top 20 Hit” from 1946 to next month (From Ella Fitzgerald to Flo-Rida, we carry all of our music with us at all times, all 500+ GB of music).  All of that “Jargon” means nothing if we don’t play your music on professional grade sound equipment.  That’s why we spare no expense when providing sound reinforcement to ensure that all of your guests here every word and every note.

Dance Floor Lighting

We provide an array of lighting options to suite your venue’s dance floor at no additional cost.

We can also provide ambient lighting options, for inside and out that can transform your venue from a meeting hall to a regal ballroom. (To see more see our “event upgrades”)

And our expert advice…

Planning your wedding can be a lot of work, and you will have a lot of questions. We have brought together some information the might help you out.

Virginia Marriage License information (VA Department of Health)

Location of your local Clerk of Courts Office

Wedding Planning

Wedding Day Emergency Checklist

Create your own CUSTOM wine for you wedding!! (Vintners Cellar)

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