Nightclub and Bar Entertainment

Play it Again DJs are a diverse group of artists.  Our medium is music and atmosphere.  We provide any venue with the desired feel and entertainment for any party.



Bass pounding, fog filled, and laser accented, the nightclub scene seems like a simple task to the untrained eye, but as a DJ you need the right tools for the job.  Planning and executing a full production is really what is necessary to make the club experience an absolute success.  We transform your venue into an exclusive entertainment hotspot, bringing the latest technology in audio/visual equipment, and the mind blowing mixes of the hottest music.  Our Jockeys are putting together the sounds that you love and the beats that haven’t even hit the radios yet to bring your audience the ultimate entertainment experience.

We are always looking for regular or guest appearance opportunities.  If your audience needs a new experience please contact our office to inquire about booking opportunities.

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Can a local beverage establishment transform its halls once or twice a week and compete with a full time nightclub experience?  With help from the the right professionals, the answer is YES!!!  And the right professionals are Play it Again DJs! (of course)

The same expertise we bring to filling a club can be applied to a smaller venue that is looking to maximize its entertainment budget.  Consumers are always looking to have a good time, but they may not want to spend top dollar to do so.  The alternative is smaller venue club nights with more value.  Great entertainment with affordable drink specials can pack any size establishment.  We aim to offer the same high excitement performance no matter the venue.

We don’t just bring the music, we bring the PARTY!!!”

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